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Why Pay to Volunteer?
With Friends Vision, your program fee covers your costs and supports communities in need.
 Friends Vision is founded and focused, first and foremost, on building homes and educating children in Kenya, while also creating sustainability through local community outreach. 
We established the volunteer program because it only seemed natural to welcome other passionate, dedicated, educated and skilled volunteers who aspire to make a difference in our beloved Kenya, help Friends Vision reach its goals - and beyond. 
Many people ask us, "Why do I need to pay to volunteer?" The simple answer is that volunteering in a country like Kenya requires a more significant amount of resources and preparation than volunteering domestically.
Most volunteers abroad (especially first time volunteers to Kenya) are seeking the adventure of a lifetime; but not without a little peace of mind. That being said, there is a lot that we at Friends Vision need to do to make make not only the transition comfortable, but also the volunteer experience itself. In the background, we are working very hard to insure that your experience is perfect.
A few of the things we need to do prior to even receiving a volunteer application are to establish safe and comfortable living accommodations, find and maintain reputable partnerships with local community organizations and employ a qualified team to support you during your stay in Kenya...and so on. 
So where does your money go? 
  • Application Processing
  • Coordination with In-Country Staff and Volunteer 
  • Pre-Departure Support 
  • In-Country Staff Support 
  •   Airport Transfer 
  • Hotel Accommodation First Night 
  • Transportation During Day of Orientation 
  • Orientation Day w/ Included Breakfast, Kenyan Park Excursion, Shopping, Lunch 
  • Transfer to Volunteer Placement 
  • Orientation and Cultural Training 
  • Introduction to Volunteer Placement on First Day of Work 
  • Volunteer Food and Accommodation (Rent, Amenities, Electrcity & Water)
  • Volunteer Work Placement 
  • In-Country Staff Salaries 
  • Program Development > Donation to Friends Vision  
Even on the most basic level, international volunteers require accommodations, meals and quality volunteer placements. The cost for a one month volunteer trip with Friends Vision is ~$25 per day. That's ~$25 a day to sleep, eat and live - and that's not even mentioning all of the additional inclusions (see above) of your volunteer package. 
We take care of everything when you arrive, so that you don't have to. Essentially, we're your travel agents. You can focus on your exciting, upcoming trip without worrying about getting around Nairobi, finding a safe and relaxing hotel the first night, shopping for your necessities and so on. Not to mention, without knowing Kenya - it would be almost impossible to coordinate your place to live (with 2 prepared meals per day) and volunteer placement with local support. 
Certainly if we could sponsor volunteers, we would. Unfortunately, without significant public donations, major gifts and grants - it is impossible to host volunteers. We keep our costs and fees as low as possible, so you can guarantee that your money is being spent as efficiently as possible.  
Think about how much it might cost to travel abroad in Europe. Now take a fraction of that cost and apply it to Africa - where you will have adventures and experiences only few westerners have shared, knowing that 100% of your fees go back into supporting sustainability for Kenya. Every dollar spent in Kenya on food, resources, souvenirs, travel, sustainability, education and so forth helps create a viable economy and country. 
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