Volunteer Programs
Ever wanted to an impact on the world? To do something worthwhile and to give back to those less fortunate than yourself?

Friends Vision volunteer programs have just what you are looking for.

By sharing your skills and compassion, you'll personally be making a difference in the lives of the local people of Kenya. We think that's pretty incredible.


There are thousands of children in Kenya who have been displaced from their families. In most cases, this has been caused by HIV/AIDS, abuse, post-election violence, and extreme poverty. These children are in desperate need of affection, mentoring, education and a friend. Help give them the chance at a future, by starting with their well-being. In the orphanage program, you have the opportunity to help children in need.

As a volunteer, you will work with local staff by helping with childcare, teaching and the daily operations of the orphanage. You are also invited to incorporate your own skills and ideas by organizing events for the children on location (i.e. educational activities, games, sports activities, dance, music, arts and crafts, etc.) and off location with prior arrangements and permission (i.e. national park tours, swimming, lunch-outings, etc.).

We believe that this volunteer placement is best suited for nurturing, loving, self-motivated, playful individuals who are also experienced in working with children.


The HIV/AIDS epidemic has been devastating to much of Africa, and that also includes Kenya. Over 1.5 million people today are living in Kenya with HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS program is designed to educate, raise awareness, donate supplies, promote testing, provide emotional support and much more within the community. In the HIV/AIDS program, you have the chance to make a long-term difference today.

We believe that this volunteer placement is best suited for nurturing, compassionate, self-motivated, charismatic individuals who have a basic understanding of healthcare and a background in HIV/AIDS. Medical training is not required for all aspects of this program, but is encouraged.

Medical / Health

So many people in Kenya are still dying daily due to a lack of basic healthcare for treatable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia, pregnancy complications, infection, and so on. Most medical facilities in Kenya are poorly equipped for treatment of these diseases and illnesses. This program has been created to train the local staff on current medical information and trends, on location basic medical care, conduct immunizations within the community and much more. In the medical / health program, your knowledge and training could save the lives of so many.

We require medical professionals for this volunteer placement. We also believe that this volunteer placement is best suited for nurturing, compassionate, self-motivated individuals.

Community Development

Rural areas of Kenya are still without access to very basic resources. In so many of these cases, without having the money or means to reach a main town leaves these communities without basic awareness and assistance. The community development program has been designed to send volunteers to help by publicly speaking to small communities about family planning, building positive home environments, childcare, HIV/AIDS, hygiene and much more. In community development, you can use your voice to change lives.

We believe that this volunteer placement is best suited for self-motivated, charismatic, energetic individuals who have a basic understanding of healthcare.


It takes a village to raise a child. Often, it also takes the people to build the village. This program has been created so that volunteers can assist in building a home setting for the children in our organization who have been orphaned. In the construction program, you can take your skills and help restore families.

We believe that this volunteer placement is best suited for self-motivated, physically capable, healthy individuals who have a basic understanding of construction.


The people of Kenya depend on cultivating their own crops to sustain their livelihood. In many cases, it is the most fruitful source of an income. But in most cases, it is a means for survival. The farming program has been created to help sustain necessary cultivation of crops for sustainability within our own organization. In the farming program, you can plant your seeds for a better future.

We believe that this volunteer placement is best suited for self-motivated, physically capable, healthy individuals who have a basic understanding of farming.

Information Technology

While we may have been speeding along the information highway for over a decade, most of Kenya is just now getting acquainted with technology. This program is designed to help community-based projects gain access to communication, information, public awareness, activism and much more through building a basic network in technology. In the information technology program, you have the opportunity to connect the world.

We believe that this volunteer placement is best suited for self-motivated, innovative, creative individuals who have a basic understanding of computers and technology.

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News & Information 
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2015 News Update
All in all it has been a busy, exciting and challenging year for us at Friends Vision as we slowly move through some changes that have taken place within our organisation. Throughout the year we have welcomed new staff, gained our Kenyan NGO status, began our farming project and started to move towards a more sustainable future.
2013 News Update
We have had a very busy year at Friends Vision with myself spending 10 months in Kenya to help lay the ground work for new projects and network within the local community (amongst many other things!). This year we employed two new staff members, saw volunteers, friends and family join us in Kenya to see our projects and welcomed some new children into our sponsorship program. We overcame many challenges that Kenya seems to throw at us at any given time and have slowly made progress on our existing projects getting us another step closer to building our first children's home. Have a read below of the year that was. I hope you enjoy and all have a great Christmas ahead!
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